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The history of Arredo3 started thanks to the initiative and courage of three friends who, on the strength of solid experience accrued in kitchen furniture production, decided to embark on a very personal entrepreneurial initiative and founded what, little by little, yet with great determination, was to become the company that 30 years later brings life and soul to the beating heart of every home: the kitchen.

1984 - It all began back in 1984, the same year that Maradona made his début with the Naples Football Club and Apple marketed its first Mad: in Resana, amidst the countryside of Treviso, in a small artisan laboratory, Ivano, Aldo and Franco created their first kitchen model: the Series 70.

1986 - Just two years later, the newly-created artisan business already felt the need to blank the production plant with a first commercial area: this was the same year in which Dylan Dog was launched in Italy and across the ocean, Mike Tyson conquered his first heavyweight world champion title. Arredo3 also prepared to face up to a major challenge: its first move and first step in a growth path that was to prove incessant.

1988 - In the year when San Remo saw Massimo Ranieri win the 36th edition of the festival with "Perdere l'amore" and Senna was world Formula 1 champion with McLaren, change was afoot in Trebaseleghe. Production needs had grown and Arredo3 moved once again, reaching Morgano and an area of 2,800 m2 forming the first owned warehouse, the proud result of a great deal of hard work.

1996 - As time passed, the market proved to be increasingly open and demanding, the virtuous cycle of a good reputation had now driven that of sales and Arredo3 did the best it could: rolling up sleeves and getting on with equipping itself with the tools required by customers, namely the first photographic catalogues and price lists. Whilst across the seas, Michael Johnson was establishing the new world record, running 200 metres in 19:32, Arredo3 also once again surpassed its own limits and settled into its current premises of Scorzè, occupying an area of 50,000 m2.

1999 - Daniele joined the company, representing the second generation. Close behind him came Andrea, Alberto and Jessica confirming the company's solid family foundations and the sincere friendship that unites the founding members. This proved to be a new, stimulating point of departure, because Arredo3 can now rely on a powerful, reliable driving force - its human capital. The team is highly motivated and tenacious, but above all it is united it embarking on a route that is as challenging as it is filled with satisfactions.

2012 - Just one year ago, the company equipped itself with a Coating Department that duly enables the timely satisfaction of the growing demand for lacquered finishes and a new project began to take shape: a showroom measuring more than 3,000 m2 displaying the models of the Classic, Modern and "Giorno" [Daytime] collection, in addition to the Arredo3 Lab, a creative hub where ideas become projects and projects take shape, giving space a soul: and it is in this context that the popular Kalì was created.

2014 - With grey hair starting to adorn the corridors, on the one hand we had the "First Arredo3 pensioner" and on the other, the "First Arredo3 grandchild". The company celebrated its 30th year of business, but the values driving it have never changed. A great many employees have grown up with the company and today combine their long-standing commitment with truly mature professionalism.