From a modern to a more classic style to bring your personality into your kitchen.
Grip profiles, handles and knobs are small details that make all the difference. In our range, you will find many models that match your style of kitchen and enhance it.

Art. 1230X
Art. 1220BR
Art. 1220M
Art. 758C
Art. 758B
Art. 758I
Art. 758S
Art. 730
Art. 1240TT
Art. 1210BR
Art. 1210M
Art. 1190S
Art. 1190P
Art. 1190BR
Art. 1180S
Art. 1180P
Art. 1180BR
Art. 1150
Art. 1140
Art. 1130
The finishes shown are indicative and may differ from the original.