Arredo3 Custom-made kitchens Made in Italy


To create something unique, improving day after day out of respect for the people who work with us and all those who buy our products.


To make kitchens and furniture solutions that have the best level of quality and service for our customers through continuous innovation in production processes, while respecting the environment and giving full attention to those who choose us so that they are fully satisfied.

Company Arredo3

Our way

When we began the Arredo3 adventure, we were sure about two things: that we would make kitchens and that we would do it our way.
Our know-how was our starting point, but from the very outset we focused on continuous improvement, a choice that has allowed us to grow year after year. We are now one of the major manufacturers of kitchens in Italy. Over the years, we have organised our production units with foresight, innovation and responsibility, becoming a sound company with high production.

Arredo3 - Company
Company Arredo3

100% Made in Italy

We produce all our kitchens, furniture and furnishing accessories just a few kilometres from Venice. For us, Made in Italy is not only a mark to put on products: it is design culture, know-how and skills. It is also tradition, landscape and beauty, which is transmitted to our products from everything around us, taking this philosophy all over the world.
There were 3 of us when we started, now there are more than 300. Arredo3 represents many people: the founders and their families, actively involved in the industrial set-up; our long-standing collaborators who have shaped the company and represent its heritage of know-how and expertise; young people who bring innovation and a spirit of initiative.
Not to mention our business partners and, of course, all the customers who choose Arredo3 every day.

Industry 4.0

Among the first to be recognised as an industry 4.0. company. The turning point began in the year 2000. We introduced the first CNC machine to drill doors and a graphic management system, which still manages company processes. In 2007, we put in place an automated shipping system, and a warehouse for doors in 2014. Today our production plant is robotized, tidy and efficient: our employees work better and bring value. Innovation in the true sense of the word. A consolidated tradition, specialised know-how and an aptitude for innovation based on far-sighted responsible investments – with a view to sustainable production – are the guiding principles that accompany the quality and creativity of our projects.

Company Arredo3
Company Arredo3
Arredo3 - Company


We know that our activities have an impact on the land and on the environment.
And because we choose to produce in the same places where we live, we are even more sensitive to environmental issues and invest in sustainability projects. We are careful about reducing the environmental impact of the materials we use and employ renewable sources in our production lines.

600 kW
power of current
photovoltaic system
1278,9 t
emissions avoided
51.175 trees planted
2,23 GWh
energy produced annually
= 826 dwellings/year
Company Arredo3
Company Arredo3

Product and production

Receptive and open to the latest trends, we quickly interpret the most contemporary styles. Continuous research into cutting-edge materials and mechanisms allows us to be more proactive in the design and testing phases. All kitchen, furniture and furnishing accessory projects are developed in-house by our R&D department.

+ Process
+ Quality

We can produce 250 kitchens per day: thanks to technology and automation. Machines and smart assembly lines, assisting operators in assembling, make the production process agile and efficient. We have an in-house lacquering department so that we can speed up the finishing phase, without having to outsource this work.

  • A - semi-finished production
  • B - warehouse
  • C - production
  • D - finished product warehouse
  • E - management offices
  • F - showroom
  • G - painting
Projects transformed into products every day
Kitchens produced per year
Tailor-made projects commissioned
Working days required to produce an order, from the confirmation date