The Arredo3 forest

A forest to fill the lungs of our planet
As kitchen manufacturers, wood has always played a huge part in our company culture. It underpins everything we do. This is why we were so taken by the Treedom project which involves planting trees in developing countries with a view to stimulating environmental and socio-economic growth. We lost no time in deciding to join the project and created the Arredo3 Forest which will absorb 311 tonnes of CO2. It is another way to help lower the environmental footprint of our product.
The Treedom project
Treedom’s chosen method for creating new forestland entails planting trees within existing agroforestry systems that bear seasonal crops (maize, beans, wheat, etc.). The plants are mutually beneficial to each other and, at the same time, farmers can diversify their income and often improve their diet as well. In the meantime, the planted trees produce oxygen and absorb CO2, helping to lower temperatures, protect nearby crops against adverse climatic events, prevent soil erosion and foster biodiversity...
Buy a kitchen with the Gaia Range and choose your tree
The trees in Arredo3’s forest can grow in number too. We have every intention of getting them to grow. So, we have decided to give one to every customer who decides to use eco-friendly elements from the Gaia Range (starting with base units) when they purchase an Arredo3 kitchen. Let’s all grow together in environmental awareness and ecological sustainability!

Choose the tree.
Follow the project it is part of.
Improve the air that you breathe.

Treedom - Arredo3