How to choose between laminate and lacquer?

How to choose between laminate and lacquer?
15 November 2018 Product

Furnishing to communicate: when the material is a matter of style

How to choose between laminate and lacquer? Learning more about two of the most important materials used for contemporary furniture will help us to choose the furniture that best reflects ourselves.

Furnishing a home that tells a story is never a foregone conclusion. We often focus on furnishing accessories but it is not only objects that convey our personality. What we want to communicate comes from the connection between many elements that represent us, which must be the outcome of research that identifies the style, as well as the materials and finishes that match our personality and our needs.

Laminate: characteristics and maintenance of a dynamic coating

If you are a practical person with an active life, then maybe laminate is the right choice for you. Resistant, waterproof and easy to care for, laminate is a coating that consists of sheets impregnated with phenolic resins usually applied to wood panels. There are various types of laminate: HPL and CPL are the most common and differ from each other in terms of thickness and the greater or smaller pressure used in applying the sheet to a support. Laminate is available in almost unlimited finishes and colours: the Kalì kitchen is an example. If you choose laminate, you will have a resistant and long-lasting product that requires limited maintenance: you only need to clean the surface with a soft microfibre cloth and a specific non-aggressive detergent and your laminate coating will look as good as new.

Lacquered: learning about and enhancing the most glamorous finishes

Available in a variety of colours, a lacquered coating involves several layers of polyurethane lacquer, with a glossy, matt or metallic finish,  applied to a fibrewood panel. The Time kitchen ( is our most popular model for its choice of lacquered finishes.

It is a more delicate material than laminate and may undergo variations in colour over time. Although high performance is maintained in terms of resistance and quality, it is advisable not to expose lacquered furniture to direct sunlight, to clean it with a soft cloth and non-abrasive detergents.

Whatever your final choice, we aim to help you discover the countless options in terms of materials and finishes, choosing from a wide range of solutions designed to create your customised home together.