If it were a person, Asia Factory would have marked but not hard features, a magnetic look and a definite character.

Having a contemporary and industrial design, Asia Factory is highly suggestive. The key lies in the combination of wood and metal, exalted by the linearity of shapes, compositional choices and living contaminations. Conceived as a kitchen with a multi-purpose space, Asia Factory interprets the practical need of our time, without forgetting aesthetics. That is why the open pore beaver-coloured lacquered matches with the shades of light grey and dark grey, made more "concrete" by the wood with determined grains, for a "rough" effect of great authenticity. The vaguely vintage taste is given by the burnished elements and the glass doors with modular, elegant and lightweight frame.

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Asia 05

Asia 05

Bases: vintage natural 440 / Tall units: vintage natural 434 / tall unit + wall unit + shelf + back panel: cement 366 / wall units: factory metal / open elements: factory metal / Top: special laminate 10 / skirting boards: metal / Handle:  1190 P lead / handle: metal recess