Emma A refined classic kitchen

With Emma, Arredo3 has created a refined classic kitchen that combines style with practicality. Itsframe doors are made of solid chestnut  or ash wood with a lacquered pickled finish. It is also available with a decorated glass insert to add variety and lustre to the composition. With the timeless mark of tradition, Emma is intended to create solid and functional environments equipped in a practical and modern way, designed to meet contemporary needs. Emma is refined classicism with practical and robust solutions. Discover some configurations for Emma below.

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Find classic and traditional shapes in a space with elegant and refined lines.

Emma is available in three finishes: white and magnolia pickled lacquered ash and solid chestnut wood.

Plenty of space inside, beautiful on the outside, bright in the white version and warm in the chestnut version. A host of compositional solutions, each one aimed at optimizing spaces, offering original and contrasting combinations.

Stylish and practical

Compositional solutions become functional choices and every element contributes to improving the organization of storage areas.

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5-year warranty

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