Tratto_10 A distinctive and recognizable feature

A horizontal or vertical incision occupying the entire width or length of the door with the handle profile inserted. 

The model’s distinctive element, it can be personalised by varying the patterns and light-and-shade effects,
according to the designer’s imagination and the customer’s taste.
The Tratto_10 door and handle are an integral part of the Gaia range.
The former because it is coated with recycled PET, the latter because it is made of 100% recyclable aluminium.

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A minimalist and eco-friendly Tratto_10 kitchen. 

A minimalism reflected in the smooth doors, which are enlivened by the distinctive handle profile. 

An ecological kitchen thanks to the eco-sustainable solutions of the Gaia range: the recycled PET of the base units and boiserie with Pechino finish, the rovere safari veneered beams of the snack counter top which breathes new life into distressed wood, the ribbed-effect glass and aluminium of the Teca doors, the Modus top upstands made of 100% recyclable aluminium, with black structure and accessories.

A Tratto_10 kitchen with an industrial chic style. 

There is lots of metal, from the ceiling beams and hood down to the accessories: the vertical Teca transparent glass doors with integrated grip, the Tratto_10 handles and the Open accessorised splashbacks – being made of 100% recyclable aluminium, these products of the Gaia range are all eco-friendly. The industrial style is also reflected in the large windows and Back lights on the shelves of the glass wall units, which produce a neon-light effect. The in-line base units made of recycled Suez PET make an eco-chic effect, as do the tops and splashbacks made of pietra grey Laminam. 

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In the island, the combination of the finishes of the Bali recycled PET base units and the rosso Jaipur Fenix special laminate top creates an elegant monolith effect.
The handle profile of the Tratto_10 door inserted horizontally or vertically creates patterns and dynamic effects that can be personalised according to preferences.

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5-year warranty

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