Tall units and base units: mouse grey glossy lacquer

An elegant and refined kitchen

Zetasei meets contemporary aesthetic trends. The centimetres lost by the skirting board are recovered by base units and talll units, giving the composition a more streamlined overall appearance and greater storage capacity.
The low recessed skirting board is less visible, giving the optical illusion of a slight suspension. The general impact is of elegance and sophistication.

A harmonious composition, where the play of full and empy spaces, glossy materials and a stone finish balances the bold island. The design focuses on functional spaces, with a light and sophisticated dining area, where the kitchen is the very heart of the home.

Base units and island: black stone laminate finish
Tall units Blond oak /Island: oxidized metallic lacquer

This composition conceals a new detail behind each element.

The tall units along the wall with the new blond oak finish immediately has a solid and concrete appearance.

The large representative space extending to the dining room and providing seamless visual continuity with the mezzanine, makes this kitchen a rich environment integrated in the architecture.
The play of vertical volumes makes proportions more dynamic and creates a scenic effect of great impact.

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Open elements: Air: metal finish
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5-year warranty

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