Technical innovation is at the centre of a project that promotes the combination between function and beauty.

Zetasei owes its name to the special lowered skirting board, only 6 cm high, unlike the 12 cm commonly used. This innovation is not only an aesthetic way. The 6cm skirting board provides many practical benefits, including increased volume, increased depth (ranging from 56 to 64 cm in the worktop) and the ability to add a second shelf per 78 cm high bases. Zetasei is enhanced by furnishing accessories that connect kitchen and living room, as well as by fine finishes. The wainscoting ranges from Leather and Blond Oak to Brown and Italy Walnut up to include three variants of Eucalyptus (white, grey and walnut). The shelves enhance the linearity of shapes with glass, White Acrylic, Metal and Burnished.

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