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September 2016

New Zetasei kitchen, the skirting board is lowered

Submitted by edstema on 22 September 2016

Now, the new Zetasei kitchen is coming, a technology concentration that combines design and functionality. Zetasei owes its name to the special lowered skirting board, only 6 cm high, unlike the 12 cm commonly used. It is a technical way that offers many benefits.

From an aesthetic view, Zetasei's contemporary linearity is exalted by the lowered skirting board, which pleases the eye giving compactness to the volumes. But it is at the technical-functional level that Zetasei expresses its uniqueness: the 6cm skirting board provides practical benefits, such as increased volume and depth (ranging from 56 to 64 cm for tops) with the possibility of adding a second shelf for 78 cm high bases.

As for the finishes, beside the laminated, you can choose from a lacquered selection.  The wainscoting will range from leather and blonde oak to dark and Italian walnut up to the white, grey and walnut varieties of the Eucalipto.  The glass, white acrylic, metal and burnished shelves complete the selection.

Zetasei will be the ideal kitchen for those looking for beauty and practicality through a strongly contemporary style.