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December 2017

To plan the future: the industry of the future also stops by Arredo3

Submitted by Arredo3 on 18 December 2017

In a competitive context and in rapids evolution as that actual, the firms have more ever called now to change themselves to give some effective answers to the changes of the global society. The diffused presence more and more of the digital one in the life of every day, it has also brought some notable changes in the productive sector, giving life to a real revolution, that passes today under the name of Industry 4.0. 

More elevated Competences, new models of business and innovative technologies are the bases from which to depart for imagining firms smart, projects toward the future. On last November 7 at Arredo3 near the centre of Scorzè there has been an event promoted by Confindustria Venezia and Rovigo in partnership with Agreement St. Paul, from the title "to Plan the future. Acceleration, digital transformation, competitiveness."  

The choice of Arredo3 as corporate body that hosted the event has been particularly meaningful. The firm has, in fact, had an active role in the result of the event, opening the doors of its own factory and introducing to the public its own run of excellence, through the words of Ivano Fistani, President Arredo3 and Massimo Ghedin, Direction IT and Development Inside Trials. 

Thanks to the important investments sustained in the years in the development of the productive system, with which the firm it is endowed with an imposing store automatized of 8.500 mqs and a department for the lacquered elements , Arredo3 has known how to exploit the opportunities offered by the fourth industrial revolution.