Haven’t you tried Virtuo yet?

Kitchen Haven’t you tried Virtuo yet? Arredo3
8 April 2020 Corporate

The kitchen and living space from a new perspective.

You can now create your furniture project using cutting-edge virtual reality technology at authorised Arredo3 stores.

Virtuo is the innovative software that will allow you to immerse yourself in your future home and easily imagine the furniture of your dreams while simply wearing a visor.

It is a new way of seeing and interpreting a project that will help you and guide you in choosing the best customised solutions.

Search for Virtuo among our dealers

At our dealers taking part in the initiative, you can design your kitchen and your living space and see them as if they were already in your home.

You can change finishes, open and close drawers and doors, turn lights on and off, try out special mechanisms and envisage the liveability of spaces.

What are you waiting for, contact your nearest authorised store.

Haven’t you tried Virtuo yet? Arredo3