The Gaia Range.
Sustainability in the kitchen.

We have been serving hundreds of thousands of people in their choice of Arredo3 kitchens since 1984. We designed the Gaia Range with everyone’s future in mind.

It is a concrete way to lighten the impact of our products on the environment and ensure that the planet remains a hospitable place. To honour Mother Nature, we have created the Gaia Range with cabinet doors, countertops, handles, open compartments, accessorised backpanels, shelving and tables all made from eco-friendly, recycled and sustainable materials. We are proud to have beaten a pathway towards a greater awareness of the environment for everyone’s sake.

Many lives

For the materials that make up the Gaia Range.
Many lives thanks to repurposing and recycling.
And one of these is yours.

The Gaia Range is not a kitchen model. It is a versatile choice that adapts to our kitchens and includes various eco-friendly elements, such as: countertops, handles, open compartments, accessorised backpanels, shelving, tables and especially materials for the cabinet doors of some Arredo3 models. It allows you to decide just how sustainable you want your kitchen to be. Essentially, it will encourage all of us to become more aware of the environment and prompt consumers to be more ecological in their approach, just like Arredo3 does when it powers its production lines with renewable sources.