Into the future
with sustainable kitchens

We know that anyone opting for an Arredo3 kitchen has high levels of awareness and is acutely attuned to quality standards, design features and environmental issues. We are committed to heightening this sensitivity and helping to create a sustainable world that will benefit all of mankind.

Our production activities are based on renewable energy sources and recycled environmentally-friendly panels. We always source new eco-friendly materials and, with our Gaia Range, we offer our customers an assortment of items made from eco-friendly, recycled and sustainable materials.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

At Arredo3, we encourage everyone to “reduce, reuse and recycle” by choosing sustainable materials that will contribute to a nature-loving lifestyle.

We produce with green energy

There is general drive today towards environmental practices, but for people like us who produce in the same place that we live in, this has always been second nature.

We have been opting for renewable sources to power our production activities for years now.

Which is why there is a photovoltaic system fitted on our company roof which generates the same amount of energy required to run 826 houses in a year.

We use recycled ecological panels

Our furnishing products are made with recycled earth-conscious panels, which basically means that they are made up of post-consumer wood.

This method allows us to reclaim wood in circulation without having to fell trees.

The Gaia Range, a sustainable choice

Take your Arredo3 kitchen up a notch with the elements from our eco-friendly range. Start with the basics.

Lengthen the life of certain ecological materials and lower the environmental impact of your furniture.



For each Arredo3 kitchen with a sustainable Gaia range, we gift you a tree.

Buy an Arredo3 kitchen with a sustainable Gaia range and receive a tree.

You decide which one.

Follow its growth on Treedom.


The Gaia Range:

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