Do you want to make your Christmas even more magical?

Do you want to make your Christmas even more magical?
16 December 2019 Product

Transform and decorate your interior for the festive occasion: seeing your kitchen decorated according to a theme will be rewarding and will add a touch of joy to your home!
Introduce the Christmas theme to your kitchen countertop, table or island and have fun following our simple tips:


Choose your theme
There's plenty of choice: from a classic ‘White Christmas’ theme to a golden one or a traditional mix of green and red.
Whatever theme you choose, make sure you narrow down your colour palette: use 3-4 colours to ensure that the theme will be clearly visible and stand out at its best.
Use the same colour palette for your table centrepiece and for complementary accessories, adding a few extra decorations to put on shelves. Add some simple candles or ceramic Christmas trees to add vertical momentum to the setting, and there you are!


Lights and sparkling
It really isn't Christmas without glitter make sure you add gold, silver or another metallic colour to your colour palette: and don't forget Christmas lights! You can add some themed napkin holders to make your table special.

Playful textures
Do you want to take your style to the next level? Use different materials regardless of the theme. Your tablecloth, napkins, napkin holders, plates and bowls all provide opportunities to experiment with different textures and make your festive occasions unique.

Merry Christmas to you all from Arredo3!