Knowing how to do is not enough any more.
We have a wonderful obsession
Called “continuous improvement”
In 1984, Arredo3 was a small reality, created by the partners who had experience in the furniture manufacturing. Competence and willingness have led us to become one of the most important companies in our industry, in just over 30 years, with a strong presence in Italy and a steady expansion abroad. Quality of materials, technical innovation and design are the basis of our way of working.

These features make Arredo3 one of the largest kitchens manufacturers in Italy, as well as an Ambassador of the Made in Italy in the world. All Arredo3 products are designed and manufactured in Scorzè, near Venice, where more than 240 people work. Today, Arredo3 designs, manufactures and markets modern, classic and contemporary kitchens, living furniture and furniture accessories such as tables and chairs.
Arredo3 Azienda
Arredo3 Azienda
Anni Esperienza Arredo332 years OF ACTIVITY
Persone Arredo3240 PEOPLE
Paesi Arredo347 COUNTRIES
Superficie Arredo3150.000 mq TOTAL AREA
Italian Market
Abroad Market
From furniture manufacturer to Designer for kitchen and living room
Our history stems from the enthusiasm of 3 friends who, strong of their experience in the production of kitchen furniture, decide to create their own entrepreneurial venture by setting up what will become Arredo3.
1984/85In a small artisan workshop, Aldo, Ivano and Franco manufacture the first kitchen model: the 70 series.
1990/1991After moving two times, Arredo3 moves again to Badoere, in a 2400 square metres factory.
1995/1996Lates move in Scorzè in a 10.000 square metres factory. In the same year Arredo3 created Luna, the best-selling kitchen model.
Arredo3 Aerea
2000Arredo3 opens its doors to the foreign market, creating a dedicated office.
2005After 20 years from the founding of the company, Daniele Pizzolato, the first-born son, becomes a partner of the company.
2010/2011Arredo3 creates an interior lacquering department to optimize customer service.
2012The new exhibition space, covering 2500 square metres, is opened..
Arredo3 Verniciatura
Arredo3 capannoni
2015Arredo3 reached 65.000 square meters of production area and 150.000 square metres in total. The Kalì model is created.
2017Arredo3 Zetasei model
Arredo3 Vision
If you know how to do things well, try to do them better.
Try to be bold, different: the first one.
The kitchens and the living rooms we manufacture stem from a clear vision: we want products that are beautiful and functional at the same time, in line with the needs of their users. The Arredo 3 production processes allow us to achieve the highest levels of quality and reliability, but alone, they would not be enough. A competitive market, as the furniture market, requires professionalism, competence and passion. Every day we focus on these qualities that inspire and motivate us, because our goal is precise and ambitious: the absolute satisfaction of those who choose Arredo3.
Arredo3 Qualità
Quality at the service of the quality and
a system of certificated quality
Since 2002, Arredo3 has been operating with a quality management system certified in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. Arredo3 has an ongoing commitment to produce and supply kitchens that meet its customers' expectations and needs by implementing production processes that ensure quality and reliability over time.
Over the years, post-sales service has been enhanced through a specific management and control model that includes and exceeds the provisions of Legislative Decree 231
Dream, to create
Arredo3 can count on 65.000 square metres of production area, divided into 6 production lines. Thanks to the organization and the technology available, each line manages to produce 10 items per minute, in a mechanism that handles 9.000 incoming and outgoing parcels every day.
Moreover, Arredo3 Is one of the very few kitchens manufacturers that can rely on an internal lacquering department.
All corporate production processes are subject to strict controls that ensure consistent and high quality standards, as well as working environments: always bright, equipped and sanitized.
What happens when you buy an Arredo3 kitchen?
The purchase of an Arredo3 kitchen initiates a synchronous and sequential production process, from supplying of materials to shipment, managed by an automated warehouse of 8.500 square meters.
Arredo3 Superficie65.000 mq PRODUCTIVE SURFACE
Arredo3 Elementi10 ELEMENTS/MINUTE
Arredo3 Verniciatura
Arredo3 Magazzino8.500 mq ROBOTIZED WAREHOUSE
Beauty and substance:
Our quality can be seen first-hand
Substance is our way of thinking. For this reason, in 2012 we inaugurated a new showroom of more than 2,500 square meters open to partners, retailers and end customers accompanied by a retailer.
Arredo3 Lab
Investing in people means improving.
Because projects have a soul
The soul of all people who work there.
Arredo3 Lab is a starting and arrival point at the same time. Creative space inside the company, its purpose is to work on every detail in the constant search for improvement.
Arredo3 invests in eco-sustainability projects to feed production lines with renewable sources and to reduce the environmental impact of the materials used.
600 kwh photovoltaic systems allow to exploit renewable energy with low environmental impact, in full respect of the resources of the territory and the health of its inhabitants.
Actual power 600 kW
Producted energy 2.23 GWh
Energy today 1.70 MWh
Emissions avoided 1227.46 t
Arredo3 Pannello Ecologico

For a long time the respect for the environment and the health’s safeguard of the people are values to which Arredo3 pays particular attention.  

Arredo3 has been among the first ones to purchase 100% recycled panels, showing its wish to operate with the purpose to reduce, where possible, its own impact, in the direction of a sustainable approach.   

To this, it is added the use, on specific product's lines, of CARB panels-low emission of formaldehyde, up-to standard USA.

Union is strength.
We work with leading realities.
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