Characterful settings with a modern or classic feel.

Grip profiles, handles and knobs are small details that make a big difference. Our assortment boasts countless different models that will be easy to match to your kitchen, enhancing its individual style and making it unique.

Quadra handle

A handle with an integrated grip that can be positioned vertically or horizontally on the door. It has a rigorous design with squared and precise lines. Being made of aluminium, a recyclable material, it belongs to our Gaia sustainable set-up.

Brera handle

A recessed handle made of aluminium, a recyclable material, with rounded corners. Large or small, it can be mounted symmetrically or asymmetrically and becomes a decorative element of the doors. Designed exclusively for Arredo3 kitchens, it belongs to the eco-friendly Gaia set-up.

Riga handle

Made of recyclable aluminium, this pared-down handle has a sophisticated character: mounted horizontally at the top of the door, which determines its variable width, it protrudes like a slender blade from its bevelled corners and has a minimalist finger grip.

Profilo handle

The Profilo handle made of recyclable aluminium resembles a grip profile fitted horizontally on the door and is worked to create enough space for inserting the fingers when opening the door. Depending on the finish of the cabinets, it can be inconspicuous to the point of disappearing or highly visible with contrasting shades.

30° handle for grip profile

The 30° handle is used on grip profile opening systems. Invented for people who prefer a clean style, this profile made of recyclable aluminium is slightly inclined to facilitate gripping. It has the same length as the door to which it is attached either horizontally or vertically.

L-shaped handle for grip profile

The L-shaped recyclable aluminium handle combines with a grip profile either horizontally or vertically. Its length varies in relation to the door size and guarantees a solid hold when opened, as its L shape ensures ample space for gripping.

Tratto_10 handle

A recyclable aluminium handle profile, exclusive to Arredo3, defining the Tratto_10 kitchen. Mounted vertically or horizontally on the entire door width or length, it creates different patterns each time. The inner part of the grip is knurled for improved gripping.

Bridge handles

A broad range of bridge handles that interpret the traditional shape of the handle mounted on the door. Available in many shapes and finishes, for blending into modern or more traditional styles, these details personalise your kitchen with character – yours.