Arredo3 presents its
“Kitchen Re-Creation”at Fuori Salone 2021

6 AUGUST 2021

Arredo3 takes part in Fuori Salone 2021 and draws inspiration from the “Forms of living” theme of Design Week in order to re-organise its Flagship Store in Milan and create a layout that leads visitors to gain practical environmental awareness, achieved through next-generation modularity. This “Kitchen Re-Creation” devotes special attention to sustainability and modularity, following the guiding principle of flexibility: everything evolves, with a beginning, growth and an end, before re-growing. The kitchen is the room in the home that best represents and interprets the new connections that characterise living spaces: it is the backdrop to special moments in private relationships as well as individual work and study activities. Through materials, structure and finally form, Arredo3 solutions adapt to different needs and styles, creating new chromatic and tactile combinations that also open onto living areas. The materials display section plays a key role in the design of the Arredo3 Flagship Store in Milan, and the kitchens on show are involved in the “Kitchen Re-Creation” process: Glass 2.0 encounters the Abitum top while Kronos enhances wood and ceramic. Thanks also to virtual reality, all the compositions show how they can be reconfigured and expanded, in a modular, customised approach that mimics the life cycle of human beings, and also of the plant kingdom. Indeed, each kitchen on display is associated with a fruit or a vegetable, whose different stages of growth are illustrated, symbolising the key, re-creatable role of the kitchen within a sustainable ecosystem of living: indoor and outdoor spaces always interact and they focus, first and foremost, on the wellbeing of those who inhabit the space, revolving around their needs. Book your in-store visit here.

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