Environmentally-conscious Arredo3: Laminam® & Cosmolite

12 OCTOBER 2022

Laminam and Cosmolite are two of the most environmentally-friendly materials around made available by Arredo3 for a great number of its modern kitchens. Indeed, they belong to the eco-sustainable Gaia range. The Gaia range consists of furniture parts (such as cabinet doors, countertops, handles and open compartments), accessories and fixtures, (like accessorised backsplashes, bookcases and tables), and materials to be added in a variety of different ways to one of the many Arredo3 models, helping you to create a kitchen with a small environment footprint.   Laminam is a hi-tech solution obtained using sustainable production methods. The end result is slim versatile ceramic slabs made from pre-consumer recycled waste. These slabs are made from ground materials mainly of natural origin, meaning organic materials, sand, clay, enamels and pigments together with glass and a minimum amount of fibres. Available in 8 different finishes, they are used to create worktops and cabinet doors for the Glass 2.0 or Kronos kitchen models.  Cosmolite is a new material which is stout, safe, scratch-resistant and able to withstand acid substances, thermal shock and knocks as well as being entirely sustainable. It is the result of a production process that turns solid industrial waste, such as glass, mirrors and granite, into large-sized slabs. This system entails the binding of this recycled pre-consumer waste with a polyester resin that comes from renewable plant-based sources. At Arredo3, this translates into environmentally-friendly “low-emission” countertops that outperform in terms of functionality and aesthetics and are available in six different colours.  Find out about all that Arredo3 has to offer and visit the special page about worktop materials or book an appointment with one of our retailers. 

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