Freshness and simplicity set the tone for tables this summer.

11 AUGUST 2021

Partly because of our longing to spend time outdoors, but also our desire for lightness when it comes to cooking and table settings, summer tables are transformed – literally – and flaunt a cheerful, relaxed vibe. We’re swept along by the summer atmosphere which brings a breath of fresh air into our homes: thanks to the superb versatility of the lines and materials offered by the Arredo3 range, summer months often see tables and chairs move from kitchens and dining rooms to verandas and gardens. Yet for all their characteristic simplicity, summer tables leave nothing to chance: their materials and colours reconnect us to nature, creating a look that's stylish, strictly informal and as light as a summer breeze. For a table centrepiece, we can use an arrangement of herbs with the addition of some seasonal fruit with vibrant colours and delicious aromas, which can then be enjoyed at the end of a meal. Candles add a stylish touch and create a more intimate mood for sunset aperitifs or dinners: we can dot them around the living room or outdoor space too, for a visually striking solution that is also very practical, especially if we use citronella candles. The colour palette for table settings blends with the natural surroundings: beige, cream and brown are ideal for tablecloth fabrics or for more informal placemats, which are best chosen in natural fibres like cotton or linen. White ceramic plates are once again the most classic and elegant choice of all, perfect for offsetting the touches of colour reserved for glasses, charger plates and other furnishing accessories like cushions: while shades of pale blue and blue are ideal in seaside locations, green and yellow bring vibrancy to country tables, and purple tones can be used to create an unusual, ethnic style.

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