800 more trees for the Arredo3 Treedom forest

5 JUNE 2024

One of the initiatives that will tangibly contribute to safeguarding the environment is our small Arredo3 forest. It is a green lung within the Treedom project which promotes the planting of trees in Italy, where the project originated, but above all in developing countries. Since it is the local farmers who will take care of the plants, the project will also produce social, economic environmental benefits. Within the company the initiative immediately appeared to be worthy pursuing, even more so when we consider that our activities and wealth of expertise would not exist without wood.
During World Environment Day, instituted in the 1970s by the United Nations General Assembly, we will enrich our forest with a further 800 trees. Or, more precisely, our customers will! For every kitchen purchased at one of our single-brand stores, they will receive the gift of a tree and follow its growth from far away in the Arredo3 forest.
The trees already present, in the first 10 years of their life, will absorb 509.75 t* of CO₂ in total. We now want to improve on this result.
We recall that each tree produces benefits for the entire planet because it produces oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide, counters soil erosion, contributes to biodiversity and helps to lower the temperature, only to make a few examples.
Do you want to help us? Choose your new Arredo3 kitchen at one of our stores.

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