Abitum worktops

20 JUNE 2024

Among the sustainable materials for kitchen worktops, Arredo3 also proposes the large-size Abitum ceramic slabs. Made with a mix of largely natural materials, as much as 60% of which derive from recyclable materials, these slabs are processed with energy from renewable sources and by re-using water left over from previous production processes, after being duly treated. For these reasons, the material has also been included in our Gaia eco-sustainable set-up with finishes that, besides the conventional black and white, include effects that resemble marble, stone, cement and metal.

Abitum tops are available in two thicknesses: 12 mm and 20 mm, making them suited to people who desire ultra-thin worktops or thicker versions, as well as people who prefer juxtaposing different heights.

The technical performances of these slabs are quite remarkable: naturally suited to contact with foodstuffs, they limit the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and mould because they are bacteriostatic surfaces. Moreover, they are highly resistant to heat, stains and scratches and are easy to clean with hot water and, if necessary, neutral detergents. They are generally long-lasting owing to both their aesthetic qualities and performances.

To admire them face-to-face, visit one of our retail stores.

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