Our sustainable offering

The Gaia range:
make your kitchen sustainable

We have been serving hundreds of thousands of people in their choice of Arredo3 kitchens since 1984. The Gaia range was brought into being with everyone’s future in mind.


Infinite resources

Reuse and recycling mean that the materials making up the Gaia range have countless lives. And one of these is yours.

It is a concrete way to lighten the impact of our products on the environment and ensure that the planet remains a hospitable place. To honour Mother Nature, we have created the Gaia range with cabinet doors, countertops, handles, open compartments, accessorised back panels, shelving and tables all made from eco-friendly, recycled or recyclable and sustainable materials. We are proud to have beaten a pathway towards a greater awareness of the environment for everyone’s sake.


What's the difference? Your freedom. The Gaia range is not a kitchen model, rather an assortment that can be adapted to all our kitchens. It boasts eco-friendly elements to be used at will so you can decide how much sustainability to work into your kitchen. Gaia offers flexible options for its eco-friendly ranges, which helps to raise awareness and promotes a more responsible approach to consumption, much like Arredo3’s decision to use renewable sources to fuel its production lines.

Gaia materials

Only recyclable or recycled materials that meet strict sustainable standards and are suitable for a brand-new life can be part of the Gaia range.
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Beam wood
Veneered beam wood is made up of 100% reclaimed post-consumer beams. One-of-a-kind pieces with knots, cracks and uneven colouring that tells a story worth hearing. First introduced with the Asia kitchen, it goes further afield with Gaia and the Flex system.


Glass is a 100% recyclable material made by melting natural substances. It is the ideal choice for breezy airy settings with contemporary overtones. You can choose between shiny, opaque or ribbed glass. Which one expresses your character the most?


Recycled PET
Reclaimed plastic, purified and processed to become a resilient, durable and practical PVC-free material. Attractive appearance, appealing texture, available in many eco-friendly finishes within the Flex system for the Kalì, Tekna and Tratto_10 models.


Aluminium can be entirely, infinitely recycled without any loss in quality. Much loved for its lightweightness, malleability and ductility, it is used on the frames of the Fusion system kitchen cabinet doors and for various Arredo3 accessories and glass doors.


This is an umbrella term for a variety of materials like Abitum, Laminam®, Infinity, Iris® and Dekton®. Composed primarily of natural substances, they take the shape of large ceramic slabs and are processed using hi-tech sustainable processes.


Industrial waste (glass, mirrors and granite) is mixed with a polyester resin obtained from renewable plant-based sources and turned into big slabs. These are Arredo3’s Cosmolite eco-conscious countertops, and they are sturdy, safe and resistant to thermal shock, abrasions and acids.


Cava quartz
Cava quartz is a quartz made up of recycled ceramic granules and quartz. The resulting slabs retain the same qualities of resistance and practicality, and feature evident and intricate patterning that extends throughout the body of the slab.


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