Electrified accessories: choose the ideal solution for your kitchen

31 MARCH 2022

When you design a kitchen, a whole series of factors need taking into account if you want to achieve both visual appeal and a practical layout. It is imperative to work a good electrical system into your plans from the very start - one that is not only safe, but also highly functional. The positioning of the electric power points in the kitchen must be logically thought through so that you can prepare food without running risks and make use of household appliances with ease. In truth, any kitchen planner worth their salt must always establish the exact location of the power outlets and electrified accessories prior to kitchen manufacture and assembly, otherwise it could prove necessary to make changes halfway through which might not only be expensive, but also detrimental to the overall aesthetic.   Basing ourselves on the fact that there will be high-voltage home appliances in the kitchen (like a conventional oven or an induction hob) as well as a host of smaller ones that we just can't do without, such as food processors or blenders, we must also cater for the kind of electrified accessories we want inside our kitchen. Arredo3 offers a range of pull-out turrets, recessed sockets and plug units which have all been specially created to be inserted or rested on countertops for immense ease of use. They have been devised for small home appliances that we only use now and again, for instance, those for making a quick toasted sandwich or whisking eggs for a cake.  Specifically, the pull-out turrets, available in a silver or stainless-steel finish, and the recessed stainless-steel sockets will slip out of sight as soon as we have finished with them. Ensconced in a specially-bored worktop, the turrets can be pulled out whenever required and then hidden underneath the countertop when not in use. This makes for a sleek aesthetic and also creates more space on the countertop. The recessed sockets work in a similar fashion, disappearing from view as soon as we have finished with them. Last, but by no means least, the plug unit provides at least 2 extra plugs on the countertop, something that will always come in handy in a kitchen.   Arredo3 offers functional solutions for all possible needs, without ever neglecting fine design and aesthetics.   Get in touch with our retailers for a personalised consultancy session and plan your ideal kitchen down to the tiniest detail with our experts.  

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