Equip kitchen base units with pull-out mechanisms

17 JANUARY 2024

Your Arredo3 kitchen base units can conceal a myriad of small yet significant solutions for organising, expanding and equipping space and exploiting every centimetre of it. Let’s focus on pull-out mechanisms, many of which are corner units, an area to be equipped with care to be able to fully exploit it. 

There’s a solution to any need. From the more traditional pull-out mechanisms with rectangular, crescent-shaped or bean-shaped internal baskets, made of various materials, to the more complex solutions that move an entire group of tray shelves, equipped with sides. Among them, the Trigon corner mechanism optimally exploits the available space and is part of the Gaia eco-sustainable set-up, because it consists of a two-basket structure made of resistant recycled plastic, with anti-slip bottom.  

Also the dimensions of the various pull-out mechanisms vary: they can be very small, closed by 15 or 30 cm doors, perfect for optimising spaces which would otherwise not be used, or, on the contrary, very broad – up to 90 cm.  

Moreover, we propose solutions with a bread holder or pull-out waste bin, alongside more practical solutions designed to create new spaces. It is the case of Party, a 90 cm-long 59 cm-wide pull-out table, or Blade, which conceals, ready for use, a cutlery rack and a large removable chopping board, which is easy to use and to clean.   

The simplest way to fall in love with the proposals most suited to your needs is to visit one of our retail stores. Find your nearest Arredo3 retailer.  

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