Glass 2.0: elegance and harmony in the kitchen

30 MARCH 2020

Glass 2.0 is the development of the Glass model, a kitchen loved for its elegance and harmony. Now it is even more modern with its stylish design. Such features are appreciated right from the choice of the technical door. The internal structure, completely hidden from view, is both light and reliable as it is made of aluminium. On the external part, you can choose the front panel according to your preferences. The entire structure is sturdy and long-lasting. The materials for the front panels include glass, which is obviously tempered to make it safe and resistant, with a matt or glossy lacquered finish, and HPL, a superior type of laminate obtained thanks to a manufacturing process that makes it very compact. Both materials are highly waterproof and hygienic. For Glass 2.0, we have chosen many delicate shades, since they create a sophisticated and contemporary kitchen environment. The refined powder colours can be combined, for uniformity or contrast, depending on whether they are matched with white or black. The available options in HPL also include textured effects that give character to the environment and help integrate the kitchen with the living area, thus responding to contemporary trends. Admire it now, in the dedicated section.

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