Not just books: how to get the most out of your stylish Arredo3 bookcase

14 JULY 2021

A bookcase is one of the most multi-functional and versatile pieces of furniture around. Traditionally meant to serve for the stowage of objects, nowadays it is being increasingly used as a flexible connecting element between two adjacent areas or as a partition for small homes or big open-plan rooms whenever you want to close off an area and create visual separation. In the living room, which was its original location, it is best placed against a wall and used to make the most of its multi-faceted nature, exploiting the various solutions it has to offer for comfortable contemporary lounges. If space is at a premium and you have no room for a desk during WFH days, it can be integrated with a TV unit or a work station. For such circumstances, Arredo3 has come up with two different personalisable and modular solutions: Factory, ideal for attaching to the wall and adaptable with panels in a variety of finishes, and Free, which provides total freedom in terms of design. Not only can Free be fixed to the wall, it is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to create continuity with other parts of the house, especially the kitchen . Once we have defined the structural design we want, we need to focus on aesthetics. The bookcase must either chime with the overall style of the area it will be placed in or have a contrasting appearance to give the idea of separation. In both cases, there are a host of different finishes available for Arredo3 kitchens and living rooms. Particular attention must be paid when choosing what actual objects are to be placed on the shelves and how they will be arranged. As always when it comes to furnishing, there are no hard-and-fast rules, just a few tips and some advice to put your ideas into practice and give your home a more personal feel. By alternating filled and empty spaces on the shelves, you will already obtain a visually striking aesthetic. Then, because Arredo3 bookcases are completely personalisable, you can not only place your shelves at different levels for an interesting off-set look, but also include additional elements, such as high-sided trays and bottle racks. Ideally, you should not overfill your bookcase. Go for less not more, but make sure there is an overarching theme. Books are a must and any genre will do, but when arranging them, make sure that you create harmony in terms of book-cover colour and size. Then, a little foliage will make all the difference. You can take your pick from aromatic herbs and succulents, or even climbers which can be placed at the top and left to trail elegantly down the sides. Find out more about how you can personalise your home with Factory and Free. Book a consulting appointment at one of our authorised retailers.

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