Ceramic worktops - closing the gap between technology and sustainability

22 DECEMBER 2022

Kitchen worktops in Abitum are one of the options in Arredo3’s Gaia Range - a collection of materials, kitchen units and accessories crafted from environmentally-friendly, recycled and sustainable materials. For the most part, Abitum is a mixture of natural components reclaimed in order to avoid waste and processed using renewable energy sources.  The end result is large ceramic slabs which in turn give us worktops with a wide variety of aesthetic effects and outstanding technical performance levels. Indeed, they are easy to clean with warm water, or even mild detergents, as well as being resistant to scratches, heat and staining, and durable both in terms of looks and functionality.  The finishes range from a lustrous Bianco ghiaccio to a restrained Nero, including a marble surface for an exclusive timeless vibe, an industrial-style cement effect in several shades and a gleaming metal effect either in black or with an oxidised finish.    If you would like to see our earth-friendly Abitum ceramic slabs close up and learn more about them, pay a visit to one of Arredo3’s retailers. 

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