We support your world, our world. The new Arredo3 2023 advertising campaign gets under way.

22 MARCH 2023

At Arredo3 we have been supporting Italian taste, fine workmanship, daily beauty and the quality of life for nearly 40 years. We do this by constantly investing in technology to manufacture kitchens that bring “Made in Italy” design everywhere, with solutions tailored to user needs. To each their own.  For some years now we have embarked on a sustainability path by reducing the environmental impact of our production. As a result, we encourage energy saving, the use of recycled and eco-friendly materials and initiatives in favour of the environment.   Last year we introduced the Gaia eco-sustainable equipment, thanks to which most of our modern kitchen models adopt eco-friendly solutions for the materials of doors, tops, handles and furnishing accessories.    We know that facilitating environmentally conscious choices can improve the quality of life of our customers and, in the long run, of us all because it helps to develop a widespread sensitivity to environmental sustainability.   The Arredo3 2023 advertising campaign describes this evolution through the brand’s commitment to supporting the interests of its customers and their approach to life, and also to sustaining the environment which is crucial to life itself. From March and for the entire year we will be present with printed and digital announcements on the main online and offline newspapers, the most popular furniture magazines and others, on national radio and on digital channels.  Our aim is to make our promise of value ever more concrete, by offering a design and Italian-made kitchen at once sustainable and unique – yours.  An Arredo3 model is your best choice for a better tomorrow.   Because we support those who care about real emotions, their own quality of life and their impact on others and on the environment.  Arredo3 kitchens: as unique as you are.  

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