Whirlpool Everest 400, a fantastic refrigerator on offer for you

5 JUNE 2018

Summer is fast approaching and your food needs to be kept at its best. For your new kitchen, an excellent refrigerator is therefore essential, so we have chosen the Whirlpool Everest for you, which you can have at a super discounted price.

Why Everest 400 is so special

What are the features that make the Everest 400 refrigerator so different to others? The Everest 400 is a refrigerator with a total capacity of 400 litres, with H. 193 cm and W. 75 cm, i.e. 15 centimetres more than a standard refrigerator. Its extra large capacity makes it easier to organise its interior spaces, allowing tidy and optimal food storage. On opening the door, we can find several glass shelves, including a horizontal bottle holder (designed to prevent water leakage), various drawers for storing food and small packs, as well as a large drawer, with a partition, for fruit and vegetables. In addtion, the Activ0° separate compartment is a special low-temperature drawer, ideal for storing meat and fish, which maintains their flavour and nutritional properties in the best possible way. These exceptional features are accompanied by the new cutting-edge 6th SENSE Fresh Control technology, designed to keep the right temperature and humidity levels in the refrigerator, thus preserving fresh food for up to 4 times longer. To control the freezer temperature, Whirlpool has developed the new 6th SENSE Freeze Control technology, which is combined with the Stop Frost system that prevents frost buildup on the freezer walls. Whirlpool Everest 400 is one of the best refrigerators on the market and can become part of your kitchen at a special price. Ask for further information at retail outlets and find out which ones are nearest to you.  

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