Fusion System

Even more freedom to design your dream kitchen with the Fusion system.
We are pleased to know that one of our modern kitchens attracted you. To give it an even more personal touch, you can choose to mix the pieces you like of the Glass 2.0 and Kronos models and add the Maxxi, Pocket, Mover and Laundry units.

How Fusion works

The Fusion system allows you to mix the Glass 2.0 and Kronos models in unique kitchens featuring refined design and advanced technology, thanks to the uniform size of their units and the interchangeable opening systems, finishes and special units.
Start imagining your next Arredo3 kitchen, tailored to your needs, featuring refined design and advanced technology, based on a light aluminium door that can be coated with various materials.
Depht: 59, 45 o 34 cm
Height: da 72 a 78 cm
Width: da 75 a 105 cm

Design flexibility

With the Fusion system you'll have ample freedom when planning together with Arredo3 interior designers starting from your desires. You get to make the choices, down to the slightest detail. You will end up with a unique kitchen – yours.
With the design flexibility offered by Fusion, you can mix doors, finishes, dimensions and special units to create different solutions each time, with custom options that can be personalised.
Many different units
Customised solutions
Possibility of mixing finishes
Possibility of mixing door versions
Special units

Flex System

The other Arredo3 system, which affords the broadest flexibility in terms of lines, materials, modern finishes and custom-size units.

The special units of the Fusion system

You can personalise your Arredo3 Glass 2.0 or Kronos kitchen with four special units: the Laundry set-ups, which are practical and variously configurable, Maxxi units, with doors extending to the ground and covering the plinths to create an imposing monolith effect, Pocket units with pocket folding doors that disappear into the sides and interiors that can be equipped as desired, and Mover, a system with vertical sliding door to be placed behind sink or hob units that can be fitted inside with various elements.