Flex system

Add elements and special units to your Arredo3 kitchen with the Flex system
We are pleased that you would like more information on one of our modern kitchens. To give it a more personal touch, you can add any elements of the Asia, Kalì, Tekna, Tratto_10, Wega, Time models, and the Maxxi, Lateral, Pocket, Corner and laundry units.

How Flex works

With the Flex system we offer you furniture elements of the same depth, height and width, so that you can use them however you like across different models. The same versatility defines the opening systems, finishes and special units.
Start imagining your next Arredo3 kitchen. You can mix several models belonging to the Flex system, thanks to the uniform dimensions of their units.
Depth: 59, 45 o 35 cm
Height: da 72 a 78 cm
Width: da 75 a 105 cm

Design flexibility

Flex includes a broad array of units, which allows you to create custom solutions and personalise each kitchen with the finishes and door versions of all models belonging to the system.
After selecting your favourite model or models, you can then choose the units that interest you and their specific characteristics, to design your kitchen in every detail.
Many different units
Customised solutions
Possibility of mixing finishes
Possibility of mixing door versions
Special units

Fusion System

The other Arredo3 system, oriented to design and technology, based on a light aluminium door.

Making a kitchen customised with the Flex system

To create a unique Arredo3 kitchen, you can mix different models since the units have the same size while relying on excellent design flexibility with custom solutions, allowed combinations of finishes and door versions, and special units. The latter include: Maxxi, with doors extending to the ground to cover the plinths, their evolution Lateral, which are wider than the carcass, Pocket, with pocket folding doors that disappear into the sides and interiors to be equipped as desired, Corner, the walk-in pantry that can be personalised and the Laundry units.