A modern, design-forward and modular kitchen


The refinement of a hi-tech aluminium door to be clad in vanguard sustainable materials for a functional durable kitchen.

Quadra handle
Grip profile opening
Standard heights + 78 cm height
Standard widths + 75 cm width

A modern kitchen that will stand the test of time: hi-tech details and Fusion elements

The Arredo3 Kronos model is a modern, modular and design-forward kitchen which can be put together to meet the tastes and needs of customers who demand the utmost in technical terms. It provides the lightweight sturdiness of a door with a frame in 100% recyclable aluminium, the practicality of a horizontal handle integrated into the panel and a choice of seven different cutting-edge materials in a variety of finishes for a customised front. It also allows you to add various elements from the Fusion system, like the laundry or Pocket units which open up to reveal a new zone that can be fitted out as you please with “just” storage units, or with the whole operational area of the kitchen. For those who will only settle for the best materials and finest detailing.

Cutting-edge sustainable materials with the Gaia range

When making your choices for the Kronos front door panel, you can take your pick from PVC-free PET to modern sturdy laminates with neutral or wood finishes, or get the next step on with stratified HPL, layers of cellulose fibres rendered hardwearing and compact via a high-pressure process which become stratified Fenix with a top layer of Fenix. It is an outperforming hi-tech material: it withstands scratches, abrasions and dry heat; surface micro-scratches can be removed through a regeneration process. Then, there are the sustainable elegant materials from the Gaia range. The travi veneer is made up of 100% reclaimed post-consumer rafters, the matt glass is 100% recyclable and the matt Laminam is made up of thin layers of pre-consumer recycled ceramics obtained using sustainable methods.


Be inspired


Start imagining your next kitchen with the materials, finishes and colours available for the Kronos model.

To begin creating your modern, design-forward and modular Kronos kitchen model, choose from the front door panels in hi-tech and durable materials with an extremely refined aesthetic and then browse the endless finishes available.


Brixia Opaco

Pomice Opaco

Clinker Opaco

Siderale Opaco


Bianco kos Opaco

Grigio efeso Opaco

Beige arizona Opaco

Grigio antrim Opaco

Grigio bromo Opaco

Cacao orinoco Opaco

Verde comodoro Opaco

Grigio londra Opaco

Rovere biondo Venato

Rovere cuoio Venato

Noce bruno Venato

Eucalipto bianco Venato

Eucalipto grigio Venato

Eucalipto noce Venato

Noce america Venato

Cementho Effetto resina

Calce Effetto resina

Silicio Effetto resina


Nero ingo Opaco

Rosso jaipur Opaco


Rovere safari Poro Aperto

Rovere ebano Poro Aperto

Rovere pergamena Poro Aperto


Pietra di savoia grigia Opaco

Pietra di savoia perla Opaco

Ossido bruno Opaco

Ossido nero Opaco

Emperador extra Opaco

Nero greco Opaco

Pietra grey Opaco

Statuarietto Opaco


Bianco Opaco

Nebbia Opaco

Vulcano Opaco

Nero Opaco

Verde oliva Opaco

Selenio Opaco

Fumè grigio Fumè


Bianco maxximatt Opaco

Lavagna maxximatt Opaco

Selenio maxximatt Opaco

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