A classic chic kitchen


Framed door in solid ash with mouldings and subtle detailing for a breezy, timeless and unobtrusive style.

Bridge handles
Standard heights
Standard widths + 75 cm width

The airy elegance of a traditional aesthetic that suits the living area too

Asolo is an elegant kitchen with a breezy yet classic vibe whose traditional core has been tempered with a contemporary more pristine spin. The hob area plays a starring role. It will look best in a corner position or made to protrude forward compared to the other units. The mood is unmistakably mellow. A good accompaniment would be furniture reminiscent of old-fashioned sideboards, open compartments with coped corners or mouldings, cornices on wall units, tables set on turned legs, large hoods and mullioned tall units. It will perform well in the living room too: the various parts of this kitchen model lend themselves to becoming entertainment units, bookcases or display cabinets with open shelving, deep drawers, wall units and compartments. Asolo is elegant airiness with mouldings and subtle detailing.

Pickled or lacquered wood for a classic kitchen with framed cabinetry

Arredo3’s Asolo model ushers in a refined reassuring atmosphere with its unassailable stylishness and its raised panel door with a frame in solid ash. You can play up its inherent appeal by choosing carefully coordinated neutral shades and open-pore wood from the available finishes: classic wood, a refined open-pore lacquered surface with instantly visible grain patterning or pickled wood with its attractive lived-in feel. The sheer elegance of a classic ageless aesthetic can be accentuated by furnishings and décor that create a counterpoint with modern hi-tech elements. This could be achieved with electrical appliances, innovative materials or extremely up-to-date furnishing accessories.


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This kitchen model emanates mellow refinement and reassuring sophistication as is evident from the neutral palette and the presence of wood which also comes in pickled or open-pore lacquered finishes.


Cachemire Poro Aperto

Siberia Poro Aperto

Cuba Poro Aperto

Siberia Poro Aperto

Cuba Poro Aperto

Cachemire Poro Aperto


Frassino bianco Decapè

Frassino bianco Decapè

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