A modern, functional and design-forward kitchen


This is our most affordable kitchen meant for first-time buyers. Slab door, grip profile or handle opening and a great many attractive finishes.
Bridge handle
Grip profile opening
Standard heights
Standard widths + 75 cm width

A modern customisable design that ushers you into the lounge too

With Cloe, Arredo3 makes the modern kitchen affordable and functional with lots of different options so that you can vary the design and find your own individual look. You benefit from a wide spectrum of grip profile openings, myriad handles, UV lacquered and UV excimer finishes as well as laminated ones for a door that expresses your personality. A Cloe project is an easy way to open a doorway onto the design world as you experiment and coordinate countertops and work surfaces as well as accessories such as tables and chairs, all lovingly selected by the Arredo3 designers. Cloe has various solutions for living rooms that coordinate with kitchen furnishings for a seamless result (including small spaces and open-plan layouts). For those who want a youthful, compact and dynamic kitchen.

Luxurious lacquers in refined hues or laminates that include a wood or resin look

Three material choices for Cloe. The first one is UV lacquers treated with ultraviolet (UV) lamps to create a hardwearing product and guarantee longevity. They are available in an elegant matt or shiny version that will brighten any setting. The second option and next level up consists of UV excimer lacquers. Innovative technology ensures extremely matt surfaces with a greater ability to withstand scratching, abrasions and chemicals. With a touchable texture, they are fingerprint resistant and easy to clean, containing silver ions with antiseptic properties that prevent bacterial growth. Last but not least, there are also top-end laminates for Cloe in subtle shades, with urban-style resin effects or in a wood effect that is always appealing in a kitchen.


Be inspired


Start imagining your next kitchen with the materials, finishes and colours available for the Cloe model.

It can be customised thanks to the range of selected-quality laminates with various truly realistic resin and wood finishes, shiny and matt UV lacquers or matt and tactile UV excimer lacquers.


Canapa Opaco

Alabama Venato

Colorado Venato

Oregon Venato

Venezia Venato

Torino Venato

Platino Effetto resina

Urban Effetto resina

UV Laquered

Grigio neutro Opaco

Visone Opaco

Grigio orion Opaco

Bianco UV Lucido

Perla Lucido

Grigio neutro Lucido

Visone Lucido

Grigio orion Lucido

Excimer UV laquered

Bianco ottico Opaco

Cuoio Opaco

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