A modern, modular and versatile kitchen


An entirely customisable kitchen: external or integrated handle openings, grip profile, 30° grips, different materials (also eco-friendly), Flex system
Grip profile opening
L-shaped handle for grip profile
30° handle for grip profile
Riga handle
Profilo handle
Quadra handle
Brera handle
Standard heights + 78 cm height
Standard widths + 75 cm width

Classic or vanguard materials which are always practical; all kinds of openings

Arredo3’s modern modular Kali kitchen is a perfect way to channel your own individual needs. It can be made from matt or shiny PET (a PVC-free material), in recycled PET, in hi-tech Fenix, or in a classic laminate, choosing from the wide array of finishes (wood, stone or metal effects) and shades. The Kalì slab door differs according to the kind of opening system used: there are a great many handles integrated into the door or recessed ones (like Brera); otherwise there is a grip profile, a 30° handle or an “L”-shaped one. A way to express your personality with a broad array of finishes and an extreme propensity for customisation.

The Flex System, Gaia range, open-plan kitchen-living areas. Customise your Kalì

Kalì is Arredo3’s best-selling modern kitchen model because it has been specially designed to be highly personalisable. And it becomes even easier to customise thanks to a clever cross-cutting approach. With the help of our kitchen designers, you can decide to integrate external elements (from the Flex system and Gaia range) into your Kalì and furnish the living area for a coordinated look. The Flex system will allow you to mix and match the various Arredo3 kitchen models while the Gaia range helps you to take concrete action and support the environment by choosing eco-friendly materials and accessories. Your options abound and your Kalì composition can take whatever shape you like. All you have to do is put together a unique kitchen that reflects your style and meets your needs.


Be inspired


Start imagining your next kitchen with the materials, finishes and colours available for the Kalì model.

When you are personalising the finishes for your Kalì, you can choose from matt and shiny PETs, recycled PETs, Fenix or laminates available in numerous coloured finishes or with distinctive effects (such as wood, stone or metal).


Rovere ghiaccio Venato

Rovere biondo Venato

Rovere cuoio Venato

Eucalipto bianco Venato

Eucalipto grigio Venato

Eucalipto noce Venato

Noce america Venato

Noce imperial Venato

Noce bruno Venato

Quercia light Venato

Quercia dark Venato

Rovere canapa Venato

Rovere fumè Venato

Riga noce Venato

Riga termocotto Venato

Cementho Effetto resina

Calce Effetto resina

Silicio Effetto resina

Vulcano Effetto resina

Metal light Effetto metallo

Metal bronze Effetto metallo

Metal ferro Effetto metallo

Bianco kos Opaco

Bianco malè Opaco

Grigio efeso Opaco

Beige arizona Opaco

Beige luxor Opaco

Castoro ottawa Opaco

Grigio londra Opaco

Grigio antrim Opaco

Grigio bromo Opaco

Cacao orinoco Opaco

Nero ingo Opaco

Rosso jaipur Opaco

Verde comodoro Opaco

Blu fes Opaco

Zinco doha Opaco

Titanio doha Opaco

Bronzo doha Opaco

Piombo doha Opaco

Pietra bianco Effetto pietra

Pietra nero Effetto pietra


Bianco maxximatt Opaco

Fango maxximatt Opaco

Selenio maxximatt Opaco

Lavagna maxximatt Opaco

Bianco maxxiglos Lucido

Resina neve Effetto resina

Resina polvere Effetto resina

Resina cromo Effetto resina

Resina carbone Effetto resina

Inox Effetto metallo

Bianco maxximatt Opaco

Selenio maxximatt Opaco

Recycled PET

Panama Opaco

Suez Opaco

Pechino Opaco

Lima Opaco

Amazonia Opaco

Islanda Opaco

Bali Opaco

Stromboli Opaco

Ottone dark Metallizzato

Bronzo dark Metallizzato

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