Special units for multifunctional spaces

30 AUGUST 2023

To satisfy the specific needs of our customers, we have designed special units that can be perfectly integrated into our modern kitchen models, thanks to their versatility and modular design. 

The Pocket system, for example, is ideal for creating a separate space in the kitchen that can be used as required but also “concealed” when it is no longer necessary.
Examples include the wine cooler which contains all the necessary equipment for wine tasting, the large pantry and cabinets equipped with an additional workstation – even an entire kitchen or whatever you require! 

This is what magic looks like: a tall unit structure with its linear design and single pocket door that disappears into the sides, or with two folding doors that also close into the sides. 

The Corner unit resolves the problem of utilising kitchen corners: these can be equipped by creating independent spaces as if they were small rooms, accessible through a leaf functioning like a door. Also in this case, there are no limits to imagination: whether it be the pantry, the wine cooler or the dream cabinet to keep all the kitchen linen tidy and well organised. 

The Laundry units are designed for housing the washing machine and the dryer; moreover, they can be equipped with a pull-out support top, deep drawers and shelves for keeping personal care products, laundry, a vacuum cleaner and brooms. 

We have also devised passage units for dividing a broad space in two, by means of a tall unit system with a full-height door – with one or two leaves – and a practical soft-close mechanism. 

Have our special units aroused your interest in a personalised kitchen that matches your desires? Immediately visit your nearest Arredo3 dealer to illustrate your idea of a multifunctional space and get a customised design. 

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