The new Arredo3 site now online

4 JULY 2023

This news is actually an invitation to browse the new Arredo3 website, made for people looking for a new kitchen and filled with inspirational photographic contents.  

In this stimulating and demanding project, we chose to be guided by our own aesthetic sense and also by respect for people, which, when a website is concerned, above all entails facilitating its consultation. That’s why we have tried to imagine how different people could browse our space. This led us to create differentiated paths for reaching the same point, as well as sections designed specially for people with specific needs, for example designers, our dealers or people in search of inspiration or information on materials... We would be pleased to receive – at marketing@arredo3.it – feedback on the work done or questions to which we will be happy to answer.      

We have tried to emphasize the versatility offered by Arredo3 solutions and the personalisation options to fulfil the various needs. Our kitchen models are devised in a way that allows for mixing units of different models to create design and “Made in Italy” kitchens in sustainable and unique solutions.  

The new Arredo3 home page is full of contents that are displayed and immediately visible to users accessing the site from the “front door”. The presentations of our modern and classic kitchens have been completely renewed, in particular the images, and are accompanied by new information, which we believe could be useful to people looking for a new kitchen. We have added the “Suggestions and Stories” area to the inspirations section, the guides for your kitchen area, as well as the sustainability part which provides general information and further details on our brand. 

Visit our website now at the following address: www.arredo3.com. 

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