Air, Rubik & Factory: enhance your setting with open shelving

13 JANUARY 2022

Kitchen design is all about using space to advantage and striking the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics. It is not just about an attractive aesthetic, as important as that might be. It is vital to create well-organised spaces with an efficient layout that revolves around functional areas like the hob and sink.   Harmonious proportions and visual counterpoints to break up a wall of cabinetry are central factors in the design of a kitchen that is pleasing to the eye and not overly staid. So, furnishing solutions like open shelves are a perfect way to add layers of interest. Cleverly combined with base, wall or tall units, they provide all the space you need for kitchenware or decorative objects which will elevate your environment and give a personal touch.   Arredo3 has three ranges of open shelving for kitchens and living rooms which cater for a wide variety of styles and tastes. Air is an incredibly elegant series that boasts open compartments trimmed with delicate sheet-metal edging. Available in a titanium or burnished coated finish, they channel breezy panache that is perfect for modern surrounds.  On the other hand, the Rubik range has a bolder aesthetic. The open shelves in anodised or coated aluminium make for sleekly sophisticated under-wall units positioned horizontally or vertically in contrast to the wall units, and work equally well as floor-mounted units set on adjustable feet. The shelving racks and back panel can be customised in a variety of finishes that are an easy match to the shades and materials of the kitchen.   Factory is a stylishly refined series featuring units in anodised and coated aluminium with a matching back panel and shelving racks. The available metal, titanium and burnished finishes for the open shelving are ideal for a modern minimalist-looking kitchen. The Factory range also includes a bookcase which can be composed by stacking the open shelves. Placed against a wall in the living area or kitchen, they not only serve as a perfect storage solution for stashing everyday items and objets d’art, but also bring a harmonious feel to the entire setting. We tell you here how to add your own dash of style.     Take your kitchen or living area to the next level with our furnishing accessories. We have something for everyone and our quest is to help customers fulfil their dreams. Get in touch with one of our retailers for tailor-made advice. 

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