AirCub Light, the elegant and hi-tech air purifier available for Arredo3 kitchens

19 JULY 2021

The quality of the air that we breathe is extremely important, not only outdoors, but also inside our homes: in Arredo3 Kitchens well-being is delivered by AirCub Light, the sanitising device that cleans and freshens the air. Ideal for closed areas up to 30 sq. metres, it destroys up to 99% of microorganisms that are harmful for human health. A combination of a UVA led lamp and a catalysing filter eliminates bacteria, viruses and allergens while preventing the formation of mould and mildew and purifying everything inside its storage unit. With an incredibly compact design, it can be placed inside wardrobes, shoe cabinets, waste compartments or pantries and will do away with unpleasant odours. Easy to install, it has been designed to be placed inside various pieces of furniture or parts of the houses, and requires no maintenance thanks to a clever usage of materials and technology. All you need to do is periodically substitute the filter and AirCub Light will last up to 20 years. In a league of its own, this innovative product works completely silently in the background and even features a sensor that checks and monitors air quality for outstanding comfort and well-being. Find out more about AirCub Light from our authorised retailers.  

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