The 2022 advertising campaign kicks off with Gaia, Arredo3’s sustainable range

2 MAY 2022

Arredo3 has been providing kitchen furnishings for almost 40 years now, making design, technology and the inimitable stylishness and versatility of its kitchens accessible to everyone.  An ambassador of fine Italian design throughout the world and one of the most important kitchen manufacturers in Italy today, the company designs and creates its products with a tireless spirit of innovation.  The idea hatched by Arredo3's founding members back then is the very same vision that guides the actions of the brand today as its star rises. Its aim is to produce haute-design premium-quality kitchens in Italy to cutting-edge technological standards and sell them at affordable prices.  Armed with the courage of its convictions, the company embarked on a path of unwavering growth, investing in production and research. First it gained the respect of the industry, then it went on to win over consumers. Its clarity of vision has caused it to become one of the top brands in its sector in Italy.  One success story is deserving of another and the Brand's next goal is sustainability. Making a concrete pledge for a brighter tomorrow, the company has embarked on a course that will reduce the environmental impact of its production activities to a minimum, by energy savings, using recycled and sustainable materials and engaging in environmentally-conscious initiatives.    It is around this value system that Arredo3 has built its 2022 advertising campaign which will be launched on the main home design and interior-décor magazines, most important on-and-offline newspapers, Italian national radios stations Radio Deejay, Radio Capital and Radio RTL 102.5 and the digital channels, presenting to the public at large, Gaia, its first sustainable range.   With Allestimento Gaia, Arredo3 addresses an educated public not only highly attuned to quality and design, but also sensitive to environmental issues. The brand sends a clear message that it intends to reduce the impact of its products on the environment.   The slogan “Arredo3, as unique as you are” expresses the brand’s commitment to fulfil the various market requirements and underlines its acute awareness of the importance of values and individual needs.  Arredo3 is your best choice for a better tomorrow.  Because materials can have many lives and one of these is yours. Arredo3 kitchens - as unique as you are.

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