All Round you.

28 JANUARY 2021

Round surrounds you and wants to be admired from all angles. It embraces you and makes you look at it from a more complete, all-round perspective. 

It is for you, who have realised that everything in life revolves: it is just a matter of phases and cycles. Eventually, everything returns to its rightful place.

Round prefers rounded corners and lightness. It is welcoming yet requires functionality and practicality. The slightly rounded vertical edge of the doors is proof that blunt edges can be elegantly adapted to suit all contexts. 

It offers you the most comprehensive solutions to make your spaces expressive and personal, allowing you to choose from a wide range of finishes. 

It guarantees the solidity and warm appeal of wood so that you feel protected, and at home. 

It offers you the brightness and freshness of lacquer, with the special petrol blue finish: bold and a must-have for 2021, for you it adapts trends to your personality. And not vice versa.​

It offers you the sophistication and style of a matt finish, in the special corinth red shade: elegantly charming, it immerses you in eternally contemporary atmospheres.

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