Glass doors, ushering style and elegance into the kitchen


Glass cabinet doors are one of those additions to a kitchen that instantly elevates its aesthetic, bringing a sense of airiness and real refinement. Glass panes are not only inserted into wall-unit or tall-unit panelling to break up the visual monotony of rows of cabinets, but can also be used as complete wall-hung or floor-mounted solutions which play a starring role in the setting. Over the years, glass cabinet doors have evolved and now lend themselves to a whole array of kitchen styles. Classic mullioned patterning with geometric wooden grilles has morphed into modern lites that perfectly complement pristine edgy environments and clean lines.   Versatile and sophisticated, glass-pane structures figure in the new line-up from Arredo3 which adds two brand-new models to the range of solutions already present on the price list. One of these features the Vogue glass door consisting in a coated aluminium frame in black or champagne enclosing a tinted grey glass pane. It has an exceptionally ergonomic grip on all four sides, meaning it is extremely easy to open and close. A sleek silhouette is also a hallmark of the Teca glass door, previously listed in a vertical version with an integrated handle on one side. Arredo3 has refreshed its design and come out with a new horizontal version that is only available with a swing-up opening. Clear glass is certainly one obvious choice, but it is worth considering the fact that this new model is also available in ribbed glass, an option that subtly conceals the contents of the cabinet. On the other hand, the Standard glass door is a perennial favourite with a titanium-silver aluminium frame enclosing a tempered-glass frame. It can also be had in a transparent or tinted grey version. The wall units can be supplied with a standard recessed handle while the base and tall units may be fitted with a handy push-pull system. Last but not least, a more classic solution could feature our Meg glass door with a solid-wood frame enclosing a clear-glass or fluted-glass pane.  Sheer refinement and pared-back appeal are the main characteristics of Arredo3’s vast offering and glass doors are one of the totally sustainable elements within in and part of the Gaia range. If you want to learn about the latest additions to the range and find a solution that suits your requirements, book an appointment with one of our retailers.  

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