Arredo3 extends its range of tops with Abitum and Cosmolite - two new environmentally-friendly materials

27 MAY 2021

Ever on the forefront of technological innovation as well, Arredo3 strives to respect the environment on a daily basis, by sharing best practices and assuming full responsibility for all those people who will be using our kitchens, living rooms, tables and chairs. 

The raw materials that we use for our products deserve our undivided attention and this is why we have sourced two new materials for our worktops. Made entirely in Italy, their names are Abitum and Cosmolite. 

Crafted from natural and carefully chosen substances, they have been designed to stand the test of time while delivering unimpeachable levels of quality, hygiene and aesthetics. Obtained by means of innovative technology and sustainable processes, they are suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs and are extremely easy to clean. 

The Abitum tops ensure high levels of resistance to stains, scratches and heat. Indeed, you can even put hot pots and pans on them without any need for a trivet. They are made from large ceramic slabs and even allow for sinks to be created in the washing area, providing total design freedom and aesthetic diversification. In addition to being outperforming, Abitum was also designed to add an elegant note and allow for high levels of customisation with a wide array of finishes which allow for many different combinations and visual contrasts. There are two textures to choose from: Strutturata has a subtly sophisticated three-dimensional surface whereas Naturale has a more compact feel and a denser consistency. 

Cosmolite is a new material composed of 100% recycled materials (to be specific, it is made of various quartz aggregates entirely obtained from recycled pre-consumer solid industrial waste compacted into large slabs with the help of polyester resin coming from renewable plant sources). The end result is a “low-carbon” ecological top that performs to a high level in terms of both function and aesthetics. It stands up to abrasions, acid substances, thermal shock and knocks and offers a wide range of finishes which makes it perfectly suited to a multitude of tastes and styles. 

To find out more about the materials available for the Arredo3 worktops, visit our dedicated page. 

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