Arredo3 and Lapitec, a new partnership

12 FEBRUARY 2017

Arredo3 is entering into a series of agreements with high-level partners in order to increasingly improve the quality of our products. Hence, we have recently established a new partnership with Lapitec, an innovative full-body sintered stone, ideal for kitchen countertops. These two features make it ideal for kitchen countertops. Lapitec is a highly durable product because it is resistant to impact, high temperatures, combustion and scratches. It is also totally free from any kind of porosity and is therefore very resistant to mould and bacteria, and does not absorb. It is easy to clean because all you need is hot water and a cloth. Moreover, Lapitec is a natural product. No resins are used in its production and it does not contain petroleum derivatives.  Thanks to this new partnership, we firmly believe that Arredo3 can offer its customers high-quality products.

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