Arredo3 appears on “Avanti un altro”: aired on Canale 5 from the 25 April to 1 May

23 APRIL 2021

After the brand video broadcast at the start of the year on Mediaset channels, Arredo3 is back on television: this time it will be communicating via three promotional videos lasting 40’’ each to be shown in turn from 25 April to 1 May on Canale 5 during the early-evening game show called “Avanti un Altro”. With their characteristic verve, Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti will be telling audiences about Arredo3 kitchens against a Kronos backdrop: of the 20 models and over 600 combinations available, the one chosen to star in the three videos is the collection featuring the signature door with a titanium-coated aluminium frame and a panel with a personalisable finish. During the three videos, Bonolis and Laurenti will be demonstrating just how versatile and functional Kronos is, and how, like all Arredo3 products, it is a successful combination of innovation, technology and personalisation which gives rise to solutions which are as unique as you are. In a strikingly elegant version, Kronos boasts exquisite materials and has a large central island split into two majestic monoblocks made from grey Laminam Savoy stone - one serves as the cooking zone and the other as a washing area; connected to each other, they create an interesting interplay of different finishes and heights with base units in Ebony-Black Oak which open up to act as a top and come in the same finish as the column units at the back of the island. The composition has been completed with two visually-impactful column units set against the wall which contain the latest Whirlpool appliances: the oven and fridge are 75 cm wide, ensuring an extra capacity of 22% and 40% respectively. The slatted panelling in lacquered matt shadow grey fitted with shelves featuring trays and raised sides in the Ebony Oak finish creates a bridge between the column units and the Slide cabinet and forms a continuum with the finish on the Slide doors which, once opened and pushed back, reveal another surface top in steel with a back panel and shelving in the same material. Find out more about Kronos as well as the other Arredo3 kitchens and book a consultancy session (available online too) at your local authorised retailer: because life is all about routine. Until you feel the flutter of emotion.

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