Arredo3 inaugurates a new store in Moncalieri

29 NOVEMBER 2021

Arredo3's new single-brand store opens in Moncalieri (Turin), extending over 125 square metres and showcasing our kitchens, living areas, tables and chairs across one floor. In the wake of the enormous success of the other two single-brand stores that opened in Turin (in Corso Trapani and in Piazza Statuto), the company decided to set up a retail point here as well for the benefit of customers who want to experience close-at-hand the superior quality of entirely Italian-made products and admire their fine design. Neutral hues tinge both the walls and floors of the store, accentuating the appeal of the furnishings on show which are also strategically lit by cleverly designed lighting technology. It is somewhere to be experienced, in the true sense of the word, because visitors will not only be able to enjoy the gorgeous aesthetics of the premises, but also the various materials and finishes which are available for viewing in a special material display area. A team of professionals and proficient kitchen planners will be there as customers browse the various products, ready to provide them with tailor-made advice. The store also has two offices which were specially created to foster communication between the company and whoever wants to realise their dreams with Arredo3 products. We are looking forward to meeting you in our store to breathe life into your special project together. Arredo3 Store – Moncalieri Via Bogino, 1 – Moncalieri (TO)

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