Arredo3 presents Tekna

30 MARCH 2020

The distinctive feature of Tekna is its door with an integrated handle. It looks simple and refined, a cavity surmounted by a metal strip to provide a grip and an opening. The outcome of technical expertise, it reveals a focus on details and refined skills in making them. Hence the name of the model: it has its origins in "téchne", which was the name in ancient Greek for the art of metalworking, and became general "know-how" over time. The main materials we use to coat Tekna are polymer, PET and laminate, which resemble wood finishes and types of stone. The choice guarantees the utmost practicality, without forgoing that warmth that most people desire in the kitchen. For example, polymers are ideal for vertical elements and are a plastic compound, whereas laminates are obtained with wood particleboard panels coated with layers of paper and resins, and PET is a 100% recyclable plastic material. In this way, the elegant results go hand-in-hand with the economic choices of individual customers. Tekna loves large spaces, especially those overlooking the living room, where it perfectly integrates thanks to a design that is definitely functional, as well as rigorous and refined. Admire it now, in the dedicated section!

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