Arredo3 is back at SADECC 2021


From the 1st to the 4th October, Arredo3 will be leading the charge again in France at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles with its new collections and the latest updates for sector professionals. The intention is to strengthen its already strong foothold on the French market with a kitchen concept that encapsulates key values such as fine design, technological innovation, sustainability, proven experience and know-how. Arredo3 is a proud ambassador of Italian workmanship which is synonymous not only with superlative quality and an unrivalled aesthetic sense, but also functionality. Glass 2.0, Kronos, Tekna, Asia… There is a variety of projects available for viewing and it will be an excellent opportunity for us to showcase the latest designs. Based on state-of-the-art technology and sustainable practices, one of the features on display is the Cosmolite worktop  made from a composition of inert minerals (not quartz) obtained from recycled pre-consumer waste. Stemming from a modern-day need to use available space in a rational and versatile manner, the Slide cupboard conceals domestic appliances, accessories and extra kitchen fixtures on the inside and is an amazingly useful addition to any kitchen, closing to hide its contents and present a sleek minimalist façade. Fulfilling the increasingly-vital need for a multi-purpose kitchen in our contemporary lives, a steel top pulls out and can be used variously as a chopping board, food preparation area or teleworking desk. In the wake of the stoppage that hit the trade-fair sector and international-travelling industry, this will be a wonderful opportunity for us all to gather with new-found enthusiasm and energy around an Arredo3 kitchen - which is as unique as you are.

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